• Shrimp dish served
  • Different types of pizza served, top view
  • Mac and Cheese with fried bacon and pesto sauce
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About us

Ever since the first caveman decided to slap a side of mammoth over the cave fire, man (and woman) has enjoyed the flavor of food cooked over a wood fire. At Timber Wood-Fire Bistro, all of our dishes are made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. They are then cooked either over our state-of-the-art wood-burning grill or in a brick oven heated by the embers of logs.

Cooking in this way imparts a slight smokiness as it brings out the natural flavors of the food. A juicy ribeye sizzles and caramelizes, giving the tender beef a gorgeous crust. The homemade dough for our pizzas rises in the heat, and the crust gets to be the perfect combination of crisp and chewy. Vegetables share an entirely new flavor profile when cooked over wood. Even our desserts get kissed by the flames, enhancing the natural sugars in a tart cherry streusel.

Dining at Timber brings an experience both classic and innovative. Come eat and drink with us as you watch our fireflies dance above the wood-fired grill.